Tippmann 98 Custom Parts

Remington Roman
10 min readMar 29, 2024

Get ready to customize your Tippmann 98 with the latest and greatest parts! In this roundup, we’ll take a closer look at the top custom parts available on the market. From grips to stocks, we’ve got you covered with our handpicked selection of must-have accessories that will turn your Tippmann into the ultimate weapon of choice. So, gear up and get ready to transform your game with the best Tippmann 98 custom parts.

The Top 5 Best Tippmann 98 Custom Parts

  1. Versatile Ball Detent Latch for Tippmann Paintball Markers — Capture the edge with Captain O-Ring’s durable rubber ball detent latches, keeping your Tippmann markers secure and paintballs in place.
  2. Captain O-Ring Ball Latch: Enhanced Paintball Experience for Tippmann Markers — Upgrade your paintball game with the Captain O-Ring Tippmann Ball Latch, a durable and flexible rubber replacement that ensures seamless ball retention, fits multiple Tippmann models, and is backed by a reliable warranty from Captain O-Ring LLC.
  3. Color-Coded O-Ring Rebuild Kit for Tippmann Markers — Brighten up your marker’s performance with this color-coded 3X O-ring rebuild kit for your Captain O-Ring Tippmann A5, X7, FT-12, Gryphon, Triumph, US Army, ensuring a smooth and consistent shooting experience.
  4. Tippmann Model 98 Feed Elbow Replacement Part — Upgrade your Tippmann 98 Custom or Model 98 paintball gun with the Tippmann Model 98 Feed Elbow for a seamless and precise performance.
  5. Captain O-Ring Tippmann CA-14 Drive Springs Replacement Pack — 4 Pieces — Captain O-Ring provides high-quality replacement CA-14 Drive Springs for Tippmann 98 Custom Parts, ensuring seamless performance and durability.

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Versatile Ball Detent Latch for Tippmann Paintball Markers


I recently had to replace the ball detent latch on my Tippmann 98 custom, so I ended up trying out the Captain O-Ring Ball Keeper from Amazon. I have to say, it’s been a lifesaver! The flexible, durable rubber makes for a much longer-lasting ball latch compared to the original one. It snugly fits into my marker and prevents paintballs from rolling out while I’m aiming it downward.

One minor negative is that the installation process isn’t the easiest, but I was able to figure it out with a little help from YouTube. All in all, I’m very happy with this little yet critical attachment that has kept my paintball game running smoothly. Highly recommended if you need to replace a worn-out latch on your Tippmann marker.

Captain O-Ring Ball Latch: Enhanced Paintball Experience for Tippmann Markers


As a paintball enthusiast, I’ve come across my fair share of frustrating moments where balls would roll out of the barrel mid-game. When I stumbled upon the Tippmann Ball Latch by Captain O-Ring, I decided to give it a try.

This flexible and durable rubber latch replaced the worn-out latch on my Tippmann marker effortlessly, ensuring that my balls stayed securely in the barrel. The latch was compatible not only with my Tippmann 98 Custom but also with various other Tippmann models. Captain O-Ring LLC’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction was evident in their warranty.

While the latch was an excellent and long-lasting solution to my issue, I did notice that it could be a bit difficult to remove initially. However, after a few tries, it became easier to install and remove. Overall, I was quite impressed with the Tippmann Ball Latch by Captain O-Ring, and it has significantly improved my paintball experience.

Color-Coded O-Ring Rebuild Kit for Tippmann Markers


Captain O-Ring Tippmann 98, A5, X7, FT-12, Gryphon, Triumph, US Army 3X Oring Rebuild Kit has made my life easier as a marker enthusiast. The color-coded o-rings are a game changer, eliminating the hassle of matching up sizes. This kit provides three times the o-rings needed for a standard rebuild of your marker, ensuring you’re always prepared.

However, the product image is just a sample, and the kit you receive will be customized for your specific marker. The size chart included in the kit has been helpful in ensuring I get the right o-rings for my Tippmann, making the experience seamless. Overall, the ease and affordability of this rebuild kit have made it an essential addition to my marker maintenance routine.

Tippmann Model 98 Feed Elbow Replacement Part


Last week, I had the pleasure of trying out the Tippmann Model 98 Feed Elbow. I was out playing paintball with my friends, and just as we were getting ready to start the game, my paintball gun’s feed elbow broke off. It was such a bummer, but luckily, I had purchased the Tippmann replacement feed elbow.

The feed elbow arrived in perfect condition, and it was surprisingly easy to install. All I had to do was attach the included elbow, latch, and dial pins to my marker. It fit seamlessly with minimal effort, and before I knew it, my paintball gun was ready to go.

One thing that stood out to me was the amazing quality of the product. The materials feel strong and durable, and I could tell this part would last a long time. Additionally, the price was very reasonable, especially compared to other websites that had it at a higher cost.

Though I did encounter a minor inconvenience when looking for the replacement part, I found the customer service at Tippmann to be incredibly helpful and considerate. Once I contacted them, they quickly responded and had my replacement feed elbow shipped to me in no time.

In conclusion, the Tippmann Model 98 Feed Elbow is a fantastic replacement part that not only got me back in the game but also impressed me with its quality, ease of use, and affordable price. Overall, I’m happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend it to fellow paintball enthusiasts.

Captain O-Ring Tippmann CA-14 Drive Springs Replacement Pack — 4 Pieces


As a paintball enthusiast, I’ve always been in search of high-quality replacement parts for my Tippmann CA-14, and Captain O-Ring’s 4 Pack of Drive Springs definitely caught my attention. These replacement parts not only fit perfectly, but they also seemed to improve the overall performance of my marker.

The standout feature for me was the smoothness of the drive springs. They made a noticeable difference in the ball feed, resulting in a smoother, more consistent paintball experience. However, one minor downside I noticed was the slight difference in color compared to the original drive springs. While this didn’t affect performance, it was a small aesthetic difference that I noticed.

All in all, I’m quite satisfied with Captain O-Ring’s replacement drive springs. They provide a reliable and effective solution for Tippmann CA-14 users in need of an upgrade or replacement.

Buyer’s Guide

As you explore the versatile world of Tippmann 98 custom parts, it is essential to consider various aspects to ensure a satisfying performance and appearance customization. This buyer’s guide is designed to provide you with vital information on features, considerations, and expert advice to help you navigate the world of Tippmann parts with confidence.


Features to Look For

When selecting Tippmann 98 custom parts, keep an eye out for the following features to enhance your paintball experience and make your marker truly unique:

  1. High-quality materials: Choose parts crafted from lightweight and durable materials, such as aluminum or Polymer80, to ensure optimal performance and longevity. 2. Customizable colors: Select components with a range of colors and finishes to match your personal style or coordinate with your team’s colors. 3. Ergonomic design: Look for parts with ergonomic shapes and grips to provide a comfortable hold and easy access to controls. 4. Adjustable settings: Opt for parts that offer adjustable features, such as trigger sensitivity, velocity, and rate of fire, to fine-tune your shooting experience.

Important Considerations

It is crucial to weigh the following factors when purchasing Tippmann 98 custom parts to maximize satisfaction and performance:

  1. Compatibility: Ensure the parts you choose are compatible with your specific Tippmann 98 model and any mods you already have to avoid potential issues. 2. Price vs. quality: Balance your budget with the importance of quality when selecting parts, as investing in high-quality parts can save you money in the long run by reducing the need for frequent replacements. 3. Availability: Verify that the parts you want are in stock and can be easily shipped to your location to ensure a timely delivery.

General Advice

To make the most of your Tippmann 98 custom parts, follow these tips:

  1. Research: Before making any purchases, research different parts, manufacturers, and reviews from other paintball enthusiasts to make an informed decision. 2. Customize responsibly: Avoid over-modifying your marker, as it may compromise its performance and reliability. Instead, focus on areas that can be improved while maintaining the marker’s core functionality. 3. Regular maintenance: Ensure your marker remains in top shape by regularly cleaning and maintaining your Tippmann 98 parts, as proper care will extend the life of your components and enhance their performance.

By considering the features, considerations, and expert advice outlined in this buyer’s guide, you will be well-equipped to select the best Tippmann 98 custom parts to bring your paintball gun to life. With a little research and careful attention to detail, you can transform your marker into the ultimate paintball accessory that truly reflects your unique style.



What are the key features of Tippmann 98 Custom Parts?

The Tippmann 98 Custom Parts are designed to enhance the overall performance and appearance of your Tippmann 98 paintball marker. Some of the key features include custom barrels, upgraded trigger faces, and enhanced bolt carriers. These custom parts are made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and precision shooting.

These custom parts also allow for personalization, as you can select different colors, designs, and patterns to match your playstyle or preferences. The Tippmann 98 Custom Parts are compatible with all Tippmann 98 paintball markers and can be easily installed without requiring any tools or special expertise.

How do I choose the right custom parts for my Tippmann 98 marker?

Choosing the right custom parts for your Tippmann 98 marker depends on your specific needs and preferences. Some of the key factors to consider include the type of paintball you typically play (speedball, woodsball, or scenario), your playing style (aggressive or defensive), and your desired level of customization.

Many retailers offer various custom parts to fit different strategies and budgets. It’s a good idea to read customer reviews, compare pricing and quality, and consult with fellow paintball players or experts to determine the best custom parts for your marker. Additionally, visit the manufacturer’s website to find recommended parts or upgrades for your specific model.


Do Tippmann 98 Custom Parts improve the marker’s performance or accuracy?

Yes, Tippmann 98 Custom Parts can improve your marker’s performance and accuracy. These custom parts are designed to enhance specific components of the marker, such as the barrel, trigger, or bolt carrier, thereby ensuring smoother operation and better ball feeding. Upgraded parts also contribute to improved durability and precision, allowing for more accurate shots and lasting longer in the field.

However, it’s essential to choose high-quality custom parts to achieve the desired performance benefits. Be sure to check the reputation and reviews of the manufacturer, and consult with knowledgeable paintball players or experts to ensure you’re making the right investment in your marker’s performance.

Can I install Tippmann 98 Custom Parts myself?

Yes, most Tippmann 98 Custom Parts can be easily installed without any special tools or expertise. In many cases, the custom parts use existing screw or bolt threads, making the installation process straightforward. The installation guide provided by the manufacturer typically outlines the necessary steps to remove and replace the existing part with the new custom part.

However, if you’re unsure about any aspect of the installation process or feel uncomfortable performing the installation yourself, it’s wise to seek assistance from a professional or experienced paintball player. Some retailers may also offer installation services for an additional fee, ensuring that your custom parts are correctly installed and functioning as intended.


How do I maintain my Tippmann 98 Custom Parts?

Proper maintenance of your Tippmann 98 Custom Parts is essential to ensure their longevity and optimal performance. After each use, clean and dry any debris or moisture from the marker, including custom parts, using a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Avoid storing the parts in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, as this can cause damage or warping over time.

Regularly inspect your custom parts for signs of wear or damage, and address any issues promptly. Some manufacturers offer replacement parts or warranty coverage to help maintain the performance and reliability of your custom parts. Keeping your marker well-maintained not only extends the life of your custom parts but also ensures an enjoyable paintball experience every time you play.

Are Tippmann 98 Custom Parts compatible with other paintball markers?

No, Tippmann 98 Custom Parts are specifically designed for use with the Tippmann 98 series of paintball markers. These custom parts may have specific dimensions and thread configurations that are unique to the Tippmann 98 platform, making them incompatible with other marker models or brands. Always double-check the compatibility of any custom parts before purchase to ensure they’re appropriate for your paintball marker.

For other paintball marker models, you should consider looking for custom parts or upgrades specifically designed for that brand or platform. Many paintball equipment manufacturers offer a wide variety of custom parts catering to different marker types and strategies, so be sure to explore these options when upgrading your gear.