Picatinny Foregrip

Remington Roman
10 min readMar 29, 2024

Welcome to our Picatinny Foregrip roundup, where we’ll be exploring some of the best options available in the market for your shooting needs. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced shooter, we’ve got you covered with this comprehensive guide that aims to engage, inform, and ultimately assist you in making an informed decision.

The Top 7 Best Picatinny Foregrip

  1. Upgrade Your AR-15 Grip with the Ergonomic Spike’s Spider — Upgrade your AR-15 with the durable and ergonomic Spike S Pro Grip Black, featuring Spike’s Spider inlayed for optimal grip.
  2. Flat Dark Earth BCMGUNFIGHTER Angled Kinesthetic Angled Grip MLOK Compatible — Enhance your shooting experience with the BCMGUNFIGHTER KAG FDE grip, offering a biomechanical advantage for improved weapon manipulation while maintaining a sleek MLOK-compatible design.
  3. Edgar Sherman Design MLOK Compatible Enhanced Foregrip in Flat Dark Earth — Experience a seamless grip with the Edgar Sherman Design ESD Enhanced Foregrip FDE, featuring MLOK compatibility, a durable matte finish, and designed to enhance your M&P Shield grips performance.
  4. Premium Vertical Grip with Waterproof Compartment for AR-15 — The GG&G Vertical Foregrip with a waterproof compartment offers superior performance, comfort, and versatility for military, law enforcement, and civilian use, with CNC machined parts and easy access.
  5. Shifting Confort: Vertical Picatinny Foregrip for Enhanced Control — Experience unparalleled reliability and seamless handling with Fortis Shift Vertical Grip, boasting an impeccable 5.0 rating and praised for its stunning anodized aluminum construction and compatibility with M-LOK interfaces.
  6. Flat Dark Earth Finish Picatinny Foregrip with Waterproof Storage Compartment — Experience ultimate precision and durability with the TangoDown BGV-MK46 Black Vertical Foregrip, featuring a flat dark earth finish, Picatinny compatibility, and waterproof internal storage compartment.
  7. Fortis Shift Picatinny Vertical Grip for AR-15 Rifles — The Fortis Shift Vertical Grip Standard seamlessly blends functionality and aesthetics, offering a lightweight and adaptable solution for military-grade rifles on Picatinny rail interfaces.

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Upgrade Your AR-15 Grip with the Ergonomic Spike’s Spider


I recently tried out the Spike S Pro Grip in black for my AR-15 build, and I have to say, it really improved my grip on the gun. The Spike’s Spider inlay on the side not only adds a cool touch but also provides a solid grip, even in wet conditions. It’s a durable and comfortable addition to my setup, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an ergonomic upgrade.

However, some might find it a bit pricey compared to other options out there. Overall, it’s worth the investment for the added functionality and style.

Flat Dark Earth BCMGUNFIGHTER Angled Kinesthetic Angled Grip MLOK Compatible


Having recently added the BCM Gunfighter KAG to my collection, it’s proven to be a game-changer in my shooting experience. The product’s sleek Flat Dark Earth finish seamlessly blends into the overall aesthetic of any firearm it’s attached to. It’s noteworthy that the grip maintains the convenience of MLOK compatibility, which is a fantastic feature for customization purposes.

However, there was one aspect of the product that required some adjustment on my part — the forward rake needed a bit of getting used to, but once I acclimated, it was like second nature. The biomechanically efficient design has noticeably improved my shooting accuracy and overall comfort during long shooting sessions.

Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with the BCM Gunfighter KAG, and I highly recommend it for any firearm enthusiast looking to enhance their grip and overall shooting experience.

Edgar Sherman Design MLOK Compatible Enhanced Foregrip in Flat Dark Earth


The Edgar Sherman Design ESD Enhanced Foregrip is a game-changer for gun enthusiasts who appreciate tactical gear. I’ve been using this foregrip for a few weeks and I must say, it’s a revelation. The texture is just right, providing a firm grip without causing any discomfort.

One of the highlights is its compatibility with MLOK, making it a versatile addition to any setup. The matte finish is another plus, giving it a sleek, professional look. But the real standout feature is the Flat Dark Earth EFG-1.5-FDE color, which adds a touch of sophistication. The only hiccup I encountered was the slightly larger size, but after a week of use, it became almost unnoticeable.

Overall, the Edgar Sherman Design ESD Enhanced Foregrip is a well-crafted, reliable, and attractive piece of gear worth investing in.

Premium Vertical Grip with Waterproof Compartment for AR-15


The GG G Vertical Grip W-compartment has been an essential part of my daily routine, enhancing my accuracy and comfort while using my tactical firearms. The waterproof compartment allows me to store and carry extra batteries or small parts for my weapon system, a feature that came in handy during my outdoor expeditions.

One of the aspects that stood out was the non-slip Tri-grip cap, which securely sealed the compartment and ensured it did not snag on my clothes or gear. Moreover, the CNC machined black Acetal cold polymer used to construct the grip demonstrated remarkable durability, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking a rugged foregrip. Its length of 4.5 inches and diameter of 1.250 inches provided a perfect balance for my AR-15, ensuring better control and grip.

However, I noticed that the installation process could be a bit tricky for first-time users but it’s a minor inconvenience. Its compatibility with other tactical firearms, including the SIG P226 Tacops Grips, made it a versatile choice for users like me who are constantly switching between different firearms. Overall, the GG G Vertical Grip W-compartment exceeded my expectations, offering both convenience and reliability.

Shifting Confort: Vertical Picatinny Foregrip for Enhanced Control


As a user of Fortis Manufacturing’s Shift Vertical Grip, I’ve found it to be not just a useful accessory but also a blend of form and functionality. The hybrid design lets me switch between a dedicated vertical grip and a comfortable hand stop easily, while the organic shape ensures that I can handle the rifle more smoothly than with similar products. The skeletonized design is a plus, both for its visually pleasing appearance and its reduced weight.

However, while the grip has held up to my demanding usage, I sometimes find it a bit heavy. Overall, the Shift Vertical Grip has made a significant difference in how I interact with my rifle, and I highly recommend it for anyone seeking a versatile and comfortable grip.

Flat Dark Earth Finish Picatinny Foregrip with Waterproof Storage Compartment


The Tango Dwn Vertical Grip in Black has been a game-changer in my daily gun routine. The flat dark earth finish adds a touch of stealth to my weapon, and it fits perfectly on my Picatinny rail.

The waterproof internal storage compartment with an o-ring screw cap is a plus, as it keeps my essentials safe and dry even during rainy missions. I’ve used it on various rifles, from MK18s to M4s, and it does an excellent job in providing a comfortable grip.

However, the black color can be a bit challenging to clean after long sessions in the field. Despite this, I’m thoroughly impressed with the rugged ergonomic design and the premium materials used in this grip.

Fortis Shift Picatinny Vertical Grip for AR-15 Rifles


The Fortis Shift Vertical Grip Standard has truly become an essential part of my daily life. I’ve found its versatility to be one of its most impressive features, as it seamlessly transitions from a vertical grip to a hand stop depending on the shooting method I’m using. The one-piece billet design not only looks sleek but also provides the grip with unparalleled durability.

However, the Fortis Shift isn’t without its shortcomings. While the grip’s organic design fits well in my hand, it can be a bit cumbersome to maneuver the rifle with the same fluidity as other, more ergonomically designed grips. As for its anodized aluminum construction, it undoubtedly adds to the grip’s toughness, but adds a bit of unnecessary weight.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Fortis Shift Vertical Grip Standard remains a reliable and versatile accessory to have on my rifle, and its ability to adapt to various shooting styles makes it a worthwhile addition to any arsenal.

Buyer’s Guide

Picatinny foregrips are an essential accessory for rifle enthusiasts. They provide a secure and comfortable grip, enhancing the overall accuracy and performance of the firearm. In this buyer’s guide, we will discuss the key features to consider when selecting a Picatinny foregrip and offer general advice to help you make the best choice.

Materials and Construction

The materials used in Picatinny foregrips play a significant role in their durability, weight, and overall performance. Common materials include aluminum, steel, and polymer. Aluminum foregrips are lightweight and affordable, while steel foregrips offer superior strength and durability. Polymer foregrips are a cost-effective option that combines lightweight characteristics with the strength of other materials.


Grip Texture and Style

The grip texture and style of a Picatinny foregrip should be comfortable and provide a secure hold. Look for foregrips with textured surfaces, such as knurled or stippled grips, to improve grip in various weather conditions. Additionally, consider the style, such as a vertical or horizontal grip, to find the most suitable option for your shooting style and preference.

Compatibility and Mounting

Make sure the Picatinny foregrip you choose is compatible with your rifle’s accessory rail, as well as any other additional accessories you may have installed. This will ensure a proper fit and secure mounting. Pay attention to the foregrip’s dimensions and design, as well as any specific mounting requirements, to ensure a smooth installation process.

Weight and Balance

The weight and balance of a Picatinny foregrip can affect the overall performance and handling of your firearm. Consider the weight and balance in conjunction with the chosen rifle stocks, barrels, and optics. A well-balanced foregrip can enhance accuracy by reducing felt recoil and improving weapon stability.


Additional Features and Accessories

Some Picatinny foregrips come with additional features, such as built-in slings, front posts, or detachable sections. These features can be beneficial, but may also add weight or complexity to the foregrip. Consider whether these additional features are necessary for your specific needs and shooting style.

Brand Reputation and Reviews

When purchasing a Picatinny foregrip, consider the brand’s reputation and customer reviews. Look for well-respected brands with a history of producing high-quality and reliable products. Reviews from other users can provide valuable insight into the foregrip’s performance, durability, and ease of use.

Budget and Value

Lastly, consider your budget when shopping for a Picatinny foregrip. While it’s important to invest in a high-quality accessory for optimal performance, you should also find a foregrip that offers good value for its price. Keep in mind that lower-cost options may sacrifice some features or materials for a more affordable price point.

When selecting a Picatinny foregrip, pay attention to the materials, grip texture and style, compatibility, weight and balance, additional features, brand reputation, and value. By considering these factors, you can ensure that you choose the best Picatinny foregrip for your rifle and shooting needs.



What is a Picatinny foregrip?

A Picatinny foregrip is a type of foregrip that is designed to fit onto a Picatinny rail system. These foregrips provide a secure and stable grip for the user while shooting or handling a firearm.

What are the advantages of using a Picatinny foregrip?

  • Increased stability and control over the firearm
  • Improved recoil management
  • Easier accessory mounting on Picatinny rails

What materials are Picatinny foregrips typically made from?

Picatinny foregrips are typically made from materials such as aluminum, polymer (plastic), or a combination of both. These materials provide a balance of durability, weight, and cost.

What is the Picatinny rail system?

The Picatinny rail system is a standardized method of mounting accessories onto firearms. The system uses a series of slotted grooves (Picatinny slots) that are spaced at specific intervals, typically 20 inches. This allows for the easy mounting and removal of accessories such as foregrips, scopes, and lights.

How do I choose the right Picatinny foregrip for my firearm?

When choosing a Picatinny foregrip, consider factors such as the size and shape of the grip, the material it is made from, and the overall design. Additionally, ensure that the foregrip is compatible with the firearm’s Picatinny rail system.


Are Picatinny foregrips easy to install?

Yes, Picatinny foregrips are generally easy to install. Simply align the foregrip with the Picatinny rail system on your firearm and secure it in place using screws or other fasteners provided with the foregrip.

Can I use a Picatinny foregrip on a non-Picatinny rail system firearm?

No, Picatinny foregrips are designed to fit onto Picatinny rail systems. If your firearm does not have a Picatinny rail system, you will need to use a different type of foregrip or adapter to mount the Picatinny foregrip.

How long do Picatinny foregrips typically last?

The lifespan of a Picatinny foregrip depends on the quality of the material it is made from and the level of use it experiences. With proper care and maintenance, a Picatinny foregrip can last for many years.